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The Getty Museum Quarantine Challenge

The Scream Edvard Munch
The Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles was forced to close in 2020 as coronavirus spread throughout America.
They found a way to sustain the public's interest in art during the pandemic by issuing the "Getty Museum Challenge."
Followers on social media were invited to recreate works of art within their home.

I looked around my house to see what objects I could use to replicate famous paintings.
These are my efforts.
I suppose that the best that can be said is that at least I tried!

If you are uncertain, the original painting precedes my creation in each pair of images.
It's time to slip into pretentious arty bollocks mode.

Rembrandt Portrait of a Man Getty Museum Challenge
Rembrandt - Portrait of a Man.
The composition is such that this dramatic and handsome figure is not frozen in time but rather potentially dynamic, whilst the hyper-realistic detail is the mark of genius... and Rembrandt did OK as well.

Kadinsky Squares with Concentric Circles Getty Challenge
Kadinsky - Squares with Concentric Circles.
These shapes and colours are said to trigger a deep internal resonance and my re-creation, Jammies with Pool Balls, is similarly reminiscent of Warhol's serial image technique.

Whistlers Mother Getty Museum Challenge
Whistler's Mother
Hands crossed, this mother has an air of infinite patience, gazing steadfastly at nothing, whilst waiting for the kettle to announce that the water has boiled.
I prefer the appellation "Mother's Whistler".

Yes, I know my final attempt was particularly cringeworthy!
I may have another go one of these days.
The #gettymuseumchallenge remains on Twitter and artistic creations from around the world continue to be submitted to this day.

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