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Hunter Ancestry Prestonpans Lochgelly

Willie Hunter, the Order of Rechabites and Self Denial

This is my grandfather, on a rare holiday and enjoying a trip to Southsea , probably in 1968. Not exactly dressed for the occasion, but grandfather was from an era when suits were the standard attire for all classes whenever getting out and about... although for beachwear perhaps he was taking that custom a little too far! That summer day was a scorcher. It was not long before the jacket and tie were abandoned in favour of the emergency handkerchief sun hat. Over the past few days I've been sorting through long-forgotten family photographs and I came across the following which I thought I'd include in a blog post. In this photo, again my father's father, William (Willie) Hunter, can be seen seated far left. At a guess the photo was taken around 1920, very possibly in Lochgelly but certainly West Fife. The Hunter family migrated to Lochgelly from Prestonpans around 1900. They hailed from East Lothian coal mining communities. I've tracked down ancestral reco

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In this blog I hope to add three or four new articles each month. With varied content perhaps you'll discover something interesting... stranger things have happened! As each new blog page is created the links will be added in this post. Articles are listed downwards from the latest to oldest.