Bill's Blog as at 14~01~2021

bills beard collage blue
All going well over 2021, I hope to add one or two articles every week to my blog and, with varied content, perhaps you'll come across something of interest.

This is the first post of my blog which was begun in October 2020 in the midst of the pandemic.
The heading of this page lets readers know whenever any new content is added.
That was on 14th January 2020.

Collages and other images are occasionally added to this post and the topmost image will appear on my home page.
The collage currently featured is comprised of a few pop art images which are relevant to the blog content. 
Here's it is in full colour.

Bills Beard collage full colour

In addition I've created a few animated GIFs to liven up the website.
For example you'll see that an animation has been inserted immediately below the site header.
The animations will be replaced from time to time.

I enjoy a little online research and messing about with images, so at the moment this blog is primarily about keeping me occupied during isolation.
The extent to which it will be read isn't of the utmost importance, although naturally I'll be delighted if the content does generate a little interest and comment.

One of the reasons I began this blog is that Facebook had become such an unpleasant place to visit.
If like me you have had enough of Facebook, you might want to try out Google Blogger.
I've posted some thoughts on creating a blogspot of your own.

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