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Jimny Car Batteries and a Smart Charger

I've previously written about my 2007 Suzuki Jimny and explained why I think it's such a great little vehicle. In this post I give an account of how the starter battery was rejuvenated by a 'smart' charger and take a look at the brands and specifications of battery which can be fitted to this model of car. One cold February morning in 2021 my Jimny refused to start. The engine failed to turn over and it was clear that the battery was the culprit. To be honest I felt a little guilty. The car had been garaged almost continuously throughout the first year of the coronavirus pandemic and had been started only once each week when it was allowed to idle unattended for 20 minutes or so. Several days of temperatures below zero had been the final straw. I reckon that the seven year old battery had done remarkably well to last as long as it had under those circumstances. The outcome was that I would have to purchase either a battery or charger. Fingers crossed, I opted for the l

Posting Blocks of Code on Google Blogger

This blog is hosted by Google. In the past I've considered the pros and cons of using Google's Blogger and why I chose Blogger for this blog. This article looks at how snippets of code can be neatly displayed within posts using a few lines of CSS. I opted for the  Contempo Aqua  theme for this blog, but regardless of the theme you decide to install it's probable that you'll want to customise its appearance to some degree. I decided to keep things simple and not to edit the HTML content of the theme's template. The few changes I've made have been achieved by the addition of  CSS . To add CSS, starting from the Blogger dashboard, follow these steps... Click Theme . Under 'My theme' click Customise . From the resulting menu choose Advanced . Use the down arrow then click Add CSS . Insert and then  Save  your CSS code. From time to time I'll provide explanations of modifications that have been made