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Football Fortunes, View the Book Online

Football Fortunes by Bill Hunter

Elsewhere in my blog I've posted an article about a book I had published in 1996.
It was reviewed by the Sunday Times and described as a trainspotter's paradise.
The subject matter was football results forecasting and betting.

Football Fortunes is more than a little dated, but even so I spent a couple days scanning its pages to compile a PDF file which can be viewed online.
Improbable perhaps, but someone, somewhere may still find something of interest.
I hope so!
Here's a link to view or download Football Fortunes.
The following extracted images, which you may wish to check out first, provide a flavour of what the book is about.

Football Fortunes book content
Football Fortunes deals with results forecasting with sections devoted to football pools, probabilities, fixed-odds betting and the role of computers.

Football Fortunes William Hunter results prediction
The challenges of football results forecasting are considered including the collection and analysis of data.
Various approaches are appraised and success rates analysed.

Football Fortunes William Hunter pools coupons
There's a brief history of football pools.
Pools betting strategies such as plans, permutations and blocks are looked at in depth.
There are many examples of pools coupon entries.

Football Fortunes William Hunter fixed-odds betting
The section dedicated to fixed-odds betting is wide ranging and includes several original approaches to placing bets with a bookmaker.
There's content considering how betting odds are compiled.

Football Fortunes William Hunter programming code
In the early 1990s I wrote a programme for personal computers named the 'Football Yearbook'.
It ran on the 'Microsoft Windows' operating system and was the foremost software of its kind for over 10 years.
There's a section Football Fortunes devoted to results prediction software.

View or download Football Fortunes by W.A.Hunter online.
It consists of scanned pages from the book in the form of a PDF file.
The file is a little less than 40 MB in size.
Every part of that dusty tome was scanned, including some quaint old advertisements.

What do you think of Football Fortunes?
If you wish to reproduce any content you are welcome to do so, though a reference to this blog post would be appreciated.